Rights of parents on sons salary/property

My mother in law is very greedy and speaks very rubbishly.. mentally i am harrased by her words. As she loves to spend more, she never ever wants us to grow in our life monetarily.. .. my husband is only earning person, myself and my 1 year old baby and my parents-in-law, totally 4 dependent person..we need to settle in our life.. but due to my mother-in-law ? and even she tooked back the jewellary which she gave me on my marriarge by cheating saying that she will wear it for relative marriage and will give back but she dint gave it back.. she is torturing like something..Wantedly she makes my baby fall and cry and then explains that she is aged and so couldnt able to.. Once means ok, but again and again when i am not nearby, she do the same to my kid.. showering her anger on my innocence baby.. she dont like my child as she dont like me.. She always blackmails us, saying " will go police and file a complaint that daughter-in-law and son is harassing and not giving money to spend and thereby will claim more than half of his son's monthly salary for their expenditure.." Pls help me, what can be done for the same and kindly guide me on her rights on sons salary and property if applicable.. Thanks in advance, Pls Note: she is basically rich as she is having few acres of property jointly between 3 of her brothers and 3 other sisters) it is her late mothers property.