Fraudulent cheated in q net Scam

I have one victim of the QNet scam by my friend Prakash Thakur with other up line Jitendr Singh, Achal Singh and Sandeep Nair.He call me in a meeting at CCD at Janpath New Delhi, and there they brainwash me,by using jugglery of words by showing some big dreams that you will get 5 crore within 4 to 5 years, and the hilarious thing is that they have even proven it by mathematical means and of course by hiding some mathematical truth. The motto of these training is to motivate new joiners. They tell me that we have e commerce business which is a global company to do well for others, to make others financially free; you are doing service to others. This is completely rubbish. They are fooling all the people. Also he show me the number game of duplication and multiplication. After brainwash he convince me to invest in a business in the name of e commerce .He has taken a token amount immediate from me for the hold of position.but he never told me the company name. His team had arrange for my personal loan,after disburse of my PL,he taken all amount 2,55000/,which had I transferred in Sandeep Nair's HDFC Bank account. After joining all up lines had keep me busy in reading of books and DVD who is promoting network business and training to trap other guys.After that they are forcing me to trap an other guy from family,relatives and friends in this money circulating business,which I can't do. It has passed approx 3 months.They had purchased product on International portal on 3rd June when he get informed of my PL sanction, I got my PL disburse in my account on 4th June.and transfer on 7th June,but they had looted me 4 days ago on 3rd June,there need a mail I'd for purchase so they had made a fake mail I'd in my name and used that for customer reference ,I get know this matter after two months,When I send mail to support center for my refund,but Q Net had denied my refund because on International portal refund time is only 7 days.The cheater IRs never tells about refund policy to victim. Can I file a FIR against them.Is it is a cognizable offence.