Mother is widow, and Uncle not vacating the shop.

Dear Sir, My mother is widow and she has an property (Shop) at her name, she purchased in year 2002. As my father died in 1996, the shop purchasing idea was from my Uncle (Big brother of my Father) as he is having running business adjacent to that shop. My uncle idea was let's purchase this shop so he can also use this and run our home expenditure and later in future this shop will be good for children to open any business. There is no rent agreement, nothing, this was just on good will. He (my uncle) has 4-5 shops registered at his name in city and many other properties. Whereas my younger brother and mother don't have anything to run the home. My mother and younger brother wants to get back that shop so they can do some small business for livelihood. But my uncle is not vacating that shop and asking us to do whatever we want to do. Just need to understand how long such cases will run in court because my uncle will also hire a good lawyer to get this case running for long time, considering my mother is widow and they don't have any other source of livelihood. I am an elder son of my mother and doesn't live in same town. I am married and having wide and two sons. I am not sure how court actually sees such cases whereas one side a person is not having for livelihood and on other side my uncle is having 3-4 shops and many plots at his name and a rich person.