Can an Australian citizen be summoned to India?

We are Australian citizens who were living in India at the time of divorce. Divorce was obtained by mutual consent from Australia. I have approached the Australian court for financial settlement. My two children aged 11 and 9 are living with their father in India. The first court hearing in Australia is coming up in a week. Just yesterday I received a summons where my attendance is necessary to answer a charge of neglecting children under the Juvenile Justice (care and protection of childrens) Act 2000. I have received an order acting upon section 27(9), 29(1) and 29(2) of Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act 2015, the bench of Magistrates hereby directs parents of the children not to alienate, transfer, mortgage, assign any of the movable or immovable properties/assets standing in the parents' names without the prior permission of this court until further orders. The parents are hereby directed to produce the details of all the movable and immovable properties held by them and their bank account details to this Bench of Magistrates by next week without fail. Given that we our joint property and bank funds are in Australia and we are Australian citizens, is this even legally possible? Can you please give me some legal advice on this matter? Thanks.