Senior citizen wants gifted property back from her own daughter.?

My grand maa is 70 year old her husband was expired 2014 May.after my grand papa death I have taken the whole responsibility of my grand grand parents have adopted me from her own daughter .when I was 3 years old my parents have given me because my grandparents was having only one daughter that is my mom.and I was the 2nd daughter for my parents that's why I was adopted to my grand parents.From childhood my grand parents use to say they will give they property after they death.After my grand papa expired my mom have fraudly done the registration as gift deed.when my grand maa asked to the property to ur daughter which I have adopted from mom said I will give later not the Time of my mom'smarriage my Grand parents have given another grand parents have treated me more than a daughter.At present my grand maa is my responsibility for every things like paying hospital bills and all etc.....her own daughter doesn't do any thing not a single rupee she will give and not a single work she do for my grand maa.i am also having HIBA NAMA of written in 2009 signed by my grand my grand maa wants to revoke the gifted deed and do the registration on the adopted can my grand maa get her property back. And how can she do registration to her adopted?