Divorce/Domestic Violence/ Return of child

Good day sir, My sister in law was married on April 20th 2007 and after 3 day of marriage they took all the gold Ornaments (51 Soverines) 410 gm approx).after that they went to Gujarat and there started all the domestic voilance and all....she was pregnant and delivered a male child ....soon after they came back and asked for the child and we gave back the child as his Father told that they will give all th Gold back....however they lied and after four years he cabe back and and asked for forgiveness and they stated to live together ....again after two weeks his voilance statred ...then he and my sister in law along with the child came back to home and later he left leaving the child behind.....now almost 5 months he never returned and does not send any money to support the child now my sister in law decided to hand over the child ...but affried to go as rhey may get violent and harm her....she need protection ...can we aske protection from the police to hand over the child...please help awaiting responce