Mental Harassment by mother in law!!

Hi, I am seven months pregnant and this is my second marriage. My husband also had a bad marriage and the girl has filed a dowry case against them. But he denies asking any dowry. I am married since Oct 2014, and it has not been a smooth journey. First, my husband was not able to physically come close to me, then i found out that he was still wanting to get back with her. I managed to get through that as well. During this time, my mother in law used to taunt me on small issues related to my mother, father and even relatives. I could not confront my husband because he has anger issues. I was also contributing to the monthly expenses and apart from that my husband was indirectly asking money for buying TV, AC and paying when we go out for holidays. After 1.5 yrs i got pregnant and still the same thing continued. I was 3 months pregnant and in an argument my husband got violent and locked me in the bathroom. I told this to my mother in law and she ignored it. Later he asked me to be his nominee for loan, when i disagreed, my mother in law and father in law started shouting at me. I was unable to handle the situation and called my parents to come and take me. I was at my parents for 15 days and during this time my husband came to take me and i told him what i am going thru and how his mom treats me. He said he will go to the doctor and take medication and same for mother in law. Now, she is harassing me for my money as i am not giving any contribution and she is asking me my bank balance and where and how much i spend monthly. She also asked me to change the nominee on my policy and put my husbands name. These are all tell tale signs which is scaring me. But now the whole problem is that they are talking against my parents and telling me that my mom is trying to break my house, which is not true. My mother in law is uneducated lady and has no manners in how to speak, she always taunts and talks. She wants so much importance from everyone. She is making my life a living hell and my husband is not understanding at all and thinks she is right and also saying the same thing. I am scared as i am pregnant and all this stress is causing a lot of unrest in me. Please help or guide me in how to deal with this situation or can i put a mental harassment case on my mother in law? But i also love my husband and i know he is in her influence. I need help!