Within 2 years of purchase the flat, building tilted

I, Mr. Tara Shankar Mukherjee have purchased a flat on 27/09/2014, at the premises no. 153, BIDHAN PARK, Kolkata situated in ward no. 21 of Baranagar Municipality Denominate as ‘BIDISHA APPARTMENT’ from Arindam Banerjee M/s Adarsh Developer. After started living, within one year it noticed that the building being tilled southward progressively. Now the tilt is so severe that it is visible through naked eye and this is endangering our life. This was informed to promoter Mr. Arindam Banerjee but he is unwilling to take the responsibility of the situation. His argument is that the flat was good condition when we handed over, also he asked for documented proof of the tilt. In this situation, flat committee contact with Civil Department, Jadavpur University for thoroughly measurement. As a result of the measurement they conclude in report that the building is currently in very dangerous condition and unsafe of living and advised to evacuate the flat with immediate effect to avoid an accident (report attached). Under this situation, we are facing acute danger to our life. My family have no other option to go anywhere for shelter in Kolkata. At present I have been repaying my home loan of the amount of Rs: 20,800 /- . This is also giving me a financial burden on my shoulder as investing money on a dead property. My kindly request please suggest me for the above problem.