regarding the private university rule

Dear Sir my self Dr Guru Charan, I worked as an Assistant Professor in Bhagwant University, Ajmer Astrakhan from 28 July 2014 and resigned on 06.10.2014. The reason of my resignation was that management of University want to utilize me in some other university work (Library arrangement) so I refused to work there, because I was busy in my departmental work. they told me to stop all the departmental work and come in the library and work there until the work is not over. So I refused to work there then they told me give it in the written form that you will not work in library, so I replied I will not give in the written, but I will resign and then I resigned. And in resignation letter I alleged to the management and administration that they forced me to give the resignation. I now they are giving me another resignation letter format, in which they mentioned that you are personally leaving leaving the University. So I did not sign the letter, then they are not giving my salary and teaching experience certificate. So please sir suggest the possible solution. Now university management and administration planning to alleged me that you criticized the hostel, did anti-management activities with the hostel students (during that time I was hostel warden). thanking you sir