Is disconnecting private water supply illegal ?

Hi All, To give you a brief background of the issue, we belong to Karnataka apartment association office bearers and there is an on-going civil case going against the builder for the neighboring property which builder forcibly wanted to include it as part of our association and campus hence letting them enjoy all facilities of our campus. We purchase water using water tankers and pay a very hefty money every month to the private water suppliers (please note govt water supply is not provided to our apartments). Now there were multiple requests back and forth to the builder to pay the water charges provided to the property under dispute but it was going back and forth for months without any reimbursement from the builder (please note since we do not recognize the neighboring properties as part of our property hence we could only demand the water charges from the builder and not raise an invoice to that disputed property). Finally we had to disconnect the water supply to the disputed property and at the same time we had given official compliant at the local police station about our measures and also informed Police station that the builder was trying to send goons inside campus to reconnect the water supply line. Now the builder along with the resident of neighboring property has filed criminal charges against us and court has summoned us for crime for disconnection of water supply. Is this fair ? We as apartment owners association collect maintenance in advance from the owners and pay the money to the private water supplier (tankers) for providing us water. This move is one of the measures from the builder to simply put pressure on us to succumb on the on-going civil dispute. We look forward to your suggestions.