Employer Holding My Original Educational Certificates from 3 Year

Dear Respected Lawyers, My First Employer retained my original certificates from 3 years, I signed on 20rs Bond paper and a appointment letter for 1 year, in that I've seen 3 clauses. 1. I Will abide by terms & Conditions of company for 1 year 2. If I resign on or before from my date of joining Organisation will not return my original certificates. 3. After completion of 12 months of employment from the date of joining 06th January'2014, the company will return my original certificates. I resigned mentioning health reason after 1 month of date of joining and I have given replacement to my position, I Had mailed and contacted them after 1 year completion of date of joining, They are not even responding and HR says My employment file was missing so talk to MD. I've tried number of times to MD and not responding. Please provide me a solution for this. -I missed a job due to no original certificates -I couldn't apply passport due to no availability of my SSC. -I couldn't apply for IELTS exam due to no Passport. -I have chain of mails, which I contacted them from 2+ years. I am from very below middle-class family and I couldn't afford money , for every penny I spend should borrow from some other, I became jobless for an years due to this. please take it into heart and provide me a solution.