Gift deed

Respected Sir, I am Mrs Elizabeth, 30 years old a resident of Imphal Manipur. I am married 9 years old and have a son of 1 half years old by now. I am the only daughter my parents have and they have their last breath mama in 1999 and papa in 2005 respectively. By then I was living with my eldest uncle who is a retired IAS. I hastily got eloped in 2007 with my honest husband and I am happily live with him since then. I didn't have any communication with my parental home since the day I eloped as my uncles have outcasted me due to breaching the customary law regarding the marriage ceremony. Only few months ago I am being pardoned and took ritual cognizance according to our customary laws. My father has 2 more elder brothers now they are in good health though my father died unfortunately untimely due to battered liver deterioration leaving me as the only and only immediate hier. Besides my uncles I have 4 unties all have married and they live happily. I am now in touch with them lots and even visit often. Suddenly I came to notice only few days ago that my grandfather (rend. IPS) had transferred all his immovable 8 acres of farm land and plots to my elder uncles through registered gift. Property have been partitioned into 2 equal portion each separately to each uncle. I went to registrar and revenue and found that it is registered as gift to my 2 elder uncles and it is true to the best of my witness. Now my questions are: 1. Is it possible to challenge and revoke thè gifted property (provided that if provissions are contained in the codified laws) since my father also was a 1st class hier to my grandfather and there is so much such rights enjoyed by my uncles to my grandfather so is not less my father? 2. Registered gift hapeened in 2006 just immediate 1 year after my father died and just 2 years before his (grandfathé) death (2008). It is the time period that is immediate before I eloped (2007). The irony part is the 2 witnesses to the registested gift are not related to our family nor any known persons to our family. Is it possible that gift deed was witnesses by any other 3rd persons while lots of members are there in the family who shall witness within the meaning of 'Witness'? I found that nobody was aware about the gift deed happened between them, and nobody had the acknowledge of it. 3. My grandfather was an alziemer patient (now it would be hard to produce any evidence on that account) by 2006 and before his dead I am convinced very little that he would made such big steps in sound and capable conscience, my question is if is there any possible inducement or coercion or cheating or any other willful defrauding or by any undue influence to obtain the object, then can it be a ground for challenging the gift deed? 4. One more thing I am reluctant in finding is my grandfather didn't do any signature on the registered gift only thump impression was there, this makes me more puzzling towards the questions as to why he didn't make signatures on the papers while was a retd. IPS officer though aged he was. Is it any apprehension of possible fraudulent in the that course of proceedings? 5. Lastly please provide me any suggestion that would best suit in my case. With regards Elizabeth H.