Land acquisition

My land is earmarked and given 3(2) notice under Tamilnadu land acquisition for industrial purposes Act 1997. First LA information gazette publication in 2010 3(2) notice issued in 2011 and our objections were heard 3(1) notice given from 2012 to 2016 to all 24 blocks of this acquisition for Coimbatore airport runway expansion. The officials are preparing to give a meagre compensation. As per procedure we are going to raise an objection to collector after that file a case for compensation enhancement strictly following all the legal formalities within the stipulated time in each step. And we are very sure of enhancement as we have necessary documents to show for higher market value and guideline values in our area. My question is: How many years will the case take approximately from lower to SC to get the final judgement (assuming the govt goes for as many appeals possible) ? After getting the judgement for enhancement how much time will it take to get our payment done? Will I get any interim benefit? I request you to answer the above questions which will be helpful for me at this stage. Thanks in advance.