Sir I cheated and trapped in covetously.

Sir My nephew was working as a share operator in his friends' farm. Rarely I went to meat him. His boss (Broker) started to wash my mind for self investment and refor somebody to invest in share behalf of Reference he will provide me some brokarage,I agreed to open an demat account, but suddenly he changed his mind he started to invest me without any document means,in their language invest in kaccha,at first I refer my well known person, he started but some days client loss lots of money, then broker started to preserised me he was referred by you,you liable to pay his losses,His loss was 3Lacs and On threatens pressure I pay him Rs.2 Lacs,after payment he sujest me "dekh merekobhi teree aise rupia lete kharab lag raha hae ek kaam ker baki 1 jo dega tu usi se jo share bolenge wo share kharid ker rakh le uskaa daam 2-3 din me baadte hi profit tu lenaa baki kaa mereko de denaa I covetously agreed. But after 4-5 translation I also loss 3Lacs. After next payment of 2 Lacs,when I'm refusing to pay money, he started to talk abuse language over telephone from new numbers. My brothers working in his residence area and there are very strength of their community, so I also can't lodge police complaint against him. Sir plz sujest me what I do and also want to do something he can't trap any other people like me. Thanks with regards R G