Quasi judicial decision

I am first appellate authority under RTI 2005, one of my staff was suspended in wildlife case, now he is acquitted. now he has ask information of delay in giving his allowances under RTI. Information officer has not given any reply to him so he filed first appeal. when i ask to information officer and appellant. i have rejected his appeal on number of grounds and told him if you dont like this order u can file second appeal at state commission. then he again filed review (which is not possible under RTI), in review application he has written many thing which he should not write like, 1. i have not followed proper procedure 2. i have not consider proofs 3.wrong order 4. read dictionary meaning of delay, which will improve my knowledge 5. i don't have knowledge of RTI 6. i am an idiot 7. i don't have reasoning ability i am very much surprise with his review application language. giving order under RTI is quasi judicial act, 1. can anyone comment like this. 2. is there any solution to take serious action against him 3. is it contempt please guide me.