Employment bond.

Sir/Maam, I have signed an employment bond with my company.But now I want to leave the company. I got recruited to the company through my college placement programme. The company gave us an intent letter stating 3 months of no stipend training and 1yr bond service period from July month 2016. But they requested our college to start the training from Early Februrary 2016. The director assured us to give stipend corresponding to our work in training period , summed up in our salary during service period. I asked them for this assurance in written but they kept delaying. During my 3 months of training, company didnt provided me wih any instrument, I had to carry my own laptop, net pack and come at my own expenditure. But the company count my joining time from July. Gave my first salary in 16th August.And no stipend till now. And the payment regarding the extra month after training period, they dont consider. Please help me with my current condition. They have only paid for one month though I have been working from February till now September 2016. I want to leave my company but I'm afraid of the bond I've signed which states compensation of 20,000INR incase of breach of bond of 1year.