Are there any laws or action against senior citizens in Indian

I am always curious to know if there are any laws against senior citizens of our country. My question is what if a senior citizen is harassing or planning a conspiracy against innocent younger generation. Are there any laws against them can we take any legal action against them. My Mother is mentally harassing and verbally abusing my wife and without any reason as we had a love marriage and she cant have children due to her medically condition. She calls her all kinds of dirty names and finds a reason to fight with her and me so that she can lodge fake police complaints in local police station just to make her case strong stating the reasons that we are a threat to her.In everyy fight she says now see what i can do to you. I will got to police and make you pay for talking to me likethe way you do. She keeps saying to us that she is a lady and a senior citizen so no law of this country can do anything to her. Anyone will listen to her if she fakes her tears and cook up her case. She wants us to leave this home which she has inherited by force from her father (My Grandpa) and even i am a second co applicant of the property. My wife is highly qualified lady working for a MNC on a senior grade. She has a great personality and soft friendly nature. Its difficult for any one to fight a sweet person like her. I works a renowned construction company and make a good living. Please help or suggest us some way out. I don't want to leave my home as its not the solution i am looking for.