Marriage Issue

Hi Sir , My Husband and His Family has Cheated Us ... He was Having a Relation which I came to know After Marriage .. When I Told My In laws About it , No one Supported me ... they gave me Mental torture and Were Asking For Money for My Husbands Hospital Expenditure .. My husband was doing his pg , so He wasn't staying With us ... He gave me immense Mental torture and had Beaten me 2-3 times ... To mention , The Family told my Family to wait for 2.5 years for the marriage and After the Marriage above things happened .. I started Staying with my parents after some months , under the Permission of the Elders .. My husband said we will sort the Issue After he comes back and my Father in law said the same ... Now he has come back and wasted Total almost 3.5-4 years of My life , The family turned their Back and Started putting False Allegations on My Character ... My husband is still in contact with the other female , as they were doing their PG together ... These people have cheated us for Money ... Me and my family wants to know what can be Done now ?