Arbitration section 34

Dear Sir, In one of my contract case independent Arbitrator was appointed by High Court. Award was passed by the Arbitrator in 2004 in my favour. The opposite party union of India accepted the award and also paid the awarded amount with interest within one month without any objection at the the time of payment. However as an after thought opposite party filed objection/petition under section 34 against Arbitration award after 2 months and after one month of payment of awarded amount. The case is since then is pending as opposite party is only seeking time and not at all attending the dates. In the meantime opposite party is also withholding genuine payment of other contracts stating once the arbitration case under section 34 is decided, the payment of other contracts (which has no dispute) will be released and they have issued a letter in the same line. What remedy do i have. To finalize the case early i have already approached High court under section 227 and a direction is given to finalize the matter within 8 months. What remedy I have to get undisputed contract's payments. Pls advice?