Purchasing cab in drivers name

Hello, I am planning to lease a car from a cab agency. The cab agency has tied up with a bank to lease out cars to people who are interested. I am interested , therefore I am leasing out a car from this cab agency, after which the cab will will be driven under the same cab agency name , example Meru cabs. I will hire a driver to drive my cab. The issue is that under this leasing scheme, the cab agency requires that the owner of the car should be the driver. That means my driver has to be the owner. That means the car must be bought in drivers name. My question - if I lease the car out in my drivers name , which means car will be in his name- is there a way or any law for me to obtain an agreement document which says that the car is in drivers name however I have paid for it and I have authority over the car? Any power of attorney process or any other way this can be possible? So that I can have authority over the car even though it's in drivers name ? If the driver needs to sign some thing, that can be done. Please advise