Restriction to cross-examination

Madam/Sir, I would like to have your kind opinion on this peculiar situation. That the cross-examination of the complainant/witness in a Domestic Violence matter pending adjudication before a Trial Court in Delhi finally started after along due to delaying tactics of the complainant. That after a brief spell of cross-examination the matter was adjourned by the Ld. M.M. with an oral direction to the defense counsel to complete the cross-examination on the next date and no further adjournment/time would be given by the Trial Court for further cross-examination. Kindly render your valuable advise on the following aspects: 1. Can the Court of the Ld. M.M restrict/curtail the right of the defense counsel and fix a time frame to cross-examine a witness, CW1? 2. Can the Court of the Ld. M.M. close the cross-examination of the defense counsel even though he has not completed the cross-examination of the witness in its entirety? 3. I will be grateful if your good self can also share the cause title of supporting judgements/citations of the Hon’ble Apex Court/High Courts in this regard. Thanking You, Regards.