We have been living apart, he in Germany, i am in India. for 14 years. I went alone thrice to convince him not to get separated 14 years back. He didnt agree, he didt treat me as his wife. He didnt show any love, so i had to come back to India. Now, after 14 years, he is asking divorce, saying better to go with mutual consent, otherwise I have to roam around the lawyers and court. I suffered a lot in these 14 years, socially, physically, financially. (We bought an old house in his village when we came back in the beginning. His brother is living in that. House is on my husband's name only). I dont know his present salary (how do I come to know his salary?). If he wants divorce, how much percentage of his salary I get? and if he retires then, how much he can give me. He will get pension (he is working in a good institution in teaching). So after retirement also, do I get? Which is the best way to go?mutual consent or let him come to India and file a divorce? If he files from there, will it work? please keep anonymous.