Husband has filed a divorce

Good evening sir/ madam, I'm Dr Asha, its an arranged marriage n I'm second wife for my husband. I n my parents knew about his marriage n the way they told about first marriage made us pity on them n believed them n my parents thought they 'll look after me as they r hurt in the first marriage! In the first marriage girl has filed divorce. Before marriage v both had stopped talking over some small issue still both his n my parents thought things 'll go fine after marriage:-( I called him to ask if he s interested in this marriage or not without answering my question he said he doesn't want to argue on that !! Marriage happened n after a week started small small fights n he used to get angry for small things! He is in Indian navy as leutinant commander. He left me in Bangalore at in-laws n went to join his duty n arrange a quarters for us to live. After a month I joined my husband in navy . He s a heavy alcohol consumer :( I could feel his negligence n ignorance towards me n getting angry over small things . Whenever I ask him y he behaves so n y is he neglecting his reply is that I know everything where as I'm not aware of what is that o know:( as I wanted him not to drink so much once I drank in front of him saying that I 'll also start drinking if he drinks so much:( n now he n his parents say that I drink too much :( one day he was angry over small thing n I hugged him to calm he pushed me I felt sad he did that twice in different situations:( so one day I shifted my clothes n things to other room in anger Bcos of his behavior n slept der, he had thrown my remaining clothes in the room n locked the room I asked him y he s doing so n let me to keep my thrown clothes der he didn allow me to n started walking away I insisted to give key then he started beating me banging my head to wall:( neighbours came n took me to hospital :( next day my parents came den v decided to hv family discussion n he asked me to go to my parents house n he 'll call me once he reach Bangalore. He didn't call n I didn't call waiting for him to call :( after a yr he has sent a divorce notice:( I attended court n requested judge for counseling as I don't know the reason of his decision:( counseling happened during which he says he wants separation but not telling reason:( to save the marriage losing my self respect I begged him not to break marriage n to tell me the mistakes I hv done I 'll correct but he doesn't say anything but for 'you know everything' !! I feel things r happening because of lot of misunderstandings n communication gap n his fathers influence as his father telling him negative things about me n my parents:( pls someone help me to save my marriage:(