Husband and in-laws disappeared after first girl birth, left me

Hello Respected Lawyers I want your guidance for the steps and rights for me and my infant baby girl. Problem Brief : My arrange marriage was fixed on 5 October 2014. After one month, little home related issues by in laws started which caused lots of personal mental torture in my mind and my job also disturbed. Husband never ready to listen and resolve the matter and always took his parents side. My in laws stays in Punjab and me and my husband was in gurgaon. My parents in haryana. Husband never discussed about his salary aur emails accounts or bank account or any policy if taken. Denied to talk about future plans with me as it's his personal life. Relationship was only a society show off to him. My husband did beat me in June 2015 . my parents came to see me and madenky Husband understand that parents and wife has separate place and you need to make balance and all. He gave me a written apology letter too. My mother in law mostly tease me and falsely praise and guide my husband in front of me with my father I laws. I wanted to run out of that home as I had to face insult in society and people had seen my husband beating me and all. But, I got pregnant. I continued with it believing birth will change our life. Nothing changed, in-laws and husband nevered supported me in pregnancy time an dsaid you are earning you should take care of your needs yourself and first child expenses shouldbe taken care by your parent's. March 2016, I gave birth to daughter. My husband and I laws were in shock and they started showing there true colour.I. front of other,theyr will show they' very happy. But, in back they are not. Husband and in laws stopped talking with me n my mother. My girl was a Cesarean born in gurgaon. Husband beat me on bed at the time of discharge and nurse's came to know too. After seven days of birth when in-laws and husband didn't take me to our gurgaon home. We came in taxi with my husband to my mother home. Now, my daughter is six months. They are not in contact with us. Not coming here and not willing to talk with us and its a big blanck question. I extended my maternity leaves from three months and my job is in sake. My daughter is not well since last three months . here treatment is going on and in-laws and Husband got to.know about this last week from my relatives. But, they have no Interest in kid and me. Husband must be earning good as he is a manager in private company. My parents are taking care of me and baby emotionally and financially. Please help. Regards TKC