Renting property of my deceased father

Sir, My father passed away 2 years before, now my grandmother(Father's Mother) with the help her other sons filed a case against my mother, sister & myself for 1/4th of my father's property's, (we fall under hindu religion), as grandmother also be a legal heir after my father's dealth she had put upon a case against us. My father had a resort (Homestay) under his name which was given for lease for 11 months, now the person who was running that had finished the agreement and is not willing to run it further. kindly provide me with valuable opinions for the following, 1. Since the property is in my deceased father's name can we give it for lease to somebody else with the consent of my mother, sister & me? 2. In case if it is not possible to lease out, can we run it ? 3. In order to run the resort (Homestay), we need to take a lodging licence from Municipality , will the municipality issue the licence ? we havent taken any legal heir-ship / relationship certificate till now. if any what are the other procedure i can take inorder to run the business