False Absconding allegation.

So I started working in a legal e- commerce company on 28th of May 2016. This small company provides with legal documentation and verification for startups( Pvt. \ LLP) in India. Within in the training period, I asked for a leave of 7 days ( on the grounds of the medical ailment of my grandmother which was a lie) and was granted one. But in the meanwhile, I got suffered from half facial paralysis ( not that severe). Upon joining back the office when they asked me to submit the medical proofs of my grandmother and me. I submitted all my medical documents ( doctors prescription and physiotherapy reciepts) minus my grandmother's. But the Director of the company believes that I'm coming up with just another story and he fired me, without even paying me for 1 month and 15 days. The c company didn't even bother giving me the termination letter ( which was the only thing I want). But when I asked them to release my due amount and service certificate ( one month and 17 days) in writing the HR emailed me that it is a case of absconding as I was never fired and now I've to pay the bond amount (1,50,000Rs ) otherwise the legal proceedings would be done against me. Will I have to pay the bond money now? Please help me as of what should I do and would it a problem for me if I wish to join a central government job in future. P.S. They paid me for just two days ( 1561 Rs) Thanking for your valuable advice in advance! Harshad Gupta email id : [deleted]