Case of desertion

My wife is from different state and we are married for 15 years with 2 child. I am working for a PSU bank and was posted in her state. Since last three years i am posted in my home town but she never agreed to come here giving different reasons. last she visited here was a year ago. We kept on telling her to stay with us but she asked to give her divorce. I was under lot of mental torture from her and she continuously gave threatening of divorce. This month she has filled a divorce case under desertion. My net salary is around 30 K right now and i have continuously given her 14k-15k every month which she says is not enough for their livelihood. I cannot understand how its a case of desertion. She is a house wife and not so educated. She has said that the children can stay with me. I have recently taken a housing loan and pay around 15K as EMI. Right now i dont have any savings also. As she has filled the case in her state it will be difficult for me to go and attend cases as it will hamper my work. How to go about the case if i dont want to get separated ?