False 498a ,420,406,506,34a

I am permanent resident in canada since 2010..on april 2015 me and my wife got separate and than i had applied for divorce on april 15/2015..than my wife went to india in december 2015 and she had filed FIR against me and my father under 420,498a,406 ,506 ,34 ipc..after i filed an application to police commisioner for inquiry ,first inquiry has been completed and now we filed another application to cancel the FIR but that inquiry is still going on..i want to cancel the FIR that is totally false ..our divorce case is in Canada court and probably i will get divorce with in 2-3 month ..i tried to get back the case from canada so that i can take all the matter to India court ..but my lawyer said you cannot stop the case now...so after divorce my wife will be totally free ,she can remary in india or canada but for me the conditions are going to be worse..i i would go to India than police will not allow me to come back to canada and they can capture my passport ..so i want to cancel the FIR ,please give me advice how can come out of this trouble ..i am totally frustrated ,please give me advice ..do i need to file inquiry in high court ? or what can i do,what are the option for me..Thanks