Constructing new house now

I am constructing new house now in place of old house which I dismantled , I set back around 5 feet from my old house to have some compound wall which was not there earlier and started construction without permission from GHMC , there was house after my house and earlier there was only 3 feet road to their house but now I set back 5 feet they saw open space and they want to leave all that to road , I did not agree to it and then they filed complaint against my construction as without permission and I was served notice to stop construction they use right to information act to get details of all my documents , in GHMC one their relative works and in high court other relative works so they know all rules and pressureing me to leave that hard earned land to road , can you please advise me on how to go about this , they also had construction home 1 year back with out permission but they went for BRS now which did not complete I initally planned to get permission but all rules they need set back in all four sides and could loose lot of space I did not opt for it , but now I planned to take but as I understand even if I take they planed to disturb me until I leave the road from my land need your advise on how to go about with this one.