Can I apply for anticipatory bail in a case under sec 138 & 142

Dear Sir, I am a ex banker and has given blank promissory note and blank cheque to a friend of mine who wanted to raise one lakh for his business.My friend is uneducated and is roadside hawker.Latter I moved to a different city and now after 7yrs he has file a case against me under sec 138 & 142 of NI act claiming that I have taken 6.5 lakh from him at 24%pa interest.His brother has secured a job in district court of Visakhapatnam and trying to trouble me.I just wanted to check what are the ways that I can get a fair trail as his brother is a closely associated with the Judge when this case was put.He has claimed 10lakh on that cheque. My observations 1.He is a street hawker and has no source of income and claims to have given me Rs.6.5lakh.He says he has given at 24%pa interest and as per Andhra Pradesh money lenders act cannot give at more interest then 24%pa but he is not a registered money lender 2.He neither has any proof of giving me that amount as I never travelled to Visakhapatnam as I was busy attending my job in Hyderabad 3.I have given him lots of money summing up to 2.3lakh through wired transfers. What can be done in this you advice that I need to attend court for hearing after taking anticipatory bail...?Iam little worried as they are influencing the judiciary with his brothers employment there. Please advice. Regards S V Rao