Regarding serving of summons to my husband in domestic violence c

Hello lawyers, I have filed dowry case, domestic voilence case against my husband who is a Indian born but taken citizenship in overseas. I have been fighting for 3 years now, but did not get justice as cases haven't been started yet. The reason is my husband is not ready to accept the summons sent to his overseas address. He is intentionaly changing the house every 2 months to avoid the summons. In dowry case my in- laws come to court to attend the cases, but not my husband as he doesn't want to. So can please tell me how to serve the summons in domestic violence case? Can I go for paper publication in domestic violence case? Or is there any other section under which the summons can be served to his last known address in India? (I have his I'd proof to prove his permanent address in India and my in- laws still stay there) It's a humble request to all the lawyers to guide me domestic violence case. I have been fighting for a long time and have lost hopes now. I am in a very bad situation, your reply will really help me a lot. A heartily thanks in advance.