FIR against pickpocketing

I have lodged online FIR against pickpocketing in Delhi. The system It self selected the near by police station where incident happened. They called me and asked me why I have given online FIR. I told them that this is to prevent the misuse of documents that were in wallet like Driving License and Aadhar card. So I narrated the whole incident and policemen asked me to write application in Hindi which clearly mentioned that incident happened while I was travelling and I have lodged it in wrong police station. They told me that they would take care of this. Next day I got call from other police station. The Investing Officer seems angry on seeing online FIR. He told me to meet next day. I went there and he asked me to write a hand written statement again. Then he asked about my original residence. I told him i belong to Haryana and work in Delhi for 4 days only Monday to Thursday and rest 2 days that is Friday and Saturday I have field duty in my home town. On listening this he stopped me from writing statement and asked me to come again when he calls me. I want to know what he can ask me to change in statement and what should I agree to. As I consulted few people they said that he can ask you 2 things 1) He can ask me to write statement that I have found my wallet 2) or He can ask me to change my statement to I have lost my wallet and it has not been pick pocketed. or he might come up with any other plan. Is it fine if he asks me to do any of these? Should I accept this to avoid further round trips to police station as I am not local resident.? Would changing statement be treated as False/Wrong FIR and can he use it against me for legal action like lodging wrong FIR. OR Can you suggest me any other option that I may present him so that it is feasible to him (that is less work on his part) and save me from any trouble later If I shift to another location for profession. Please suggest as there is no elder to guide me. I live with my old mom and she knows nothing about law. and my whole point was to prevent document misuse and what i found on internet was to lodge FIR to inform police about incident.