498a Dowry extortion

Arrest done. now me and my family are on bail. Wife had filled false dowry on me. now proof of burden is on wife- Am i correct once the trial started. CS had been filled by police that i am guilty. Please confirm what i have to do now. Wife do not have any proof for dowry. But A fact is- before marriage of 20 days my FIL had done bank transfer into my account of 1 lakh 65thousand. where they had mentioned in FIR that as per demand made by groom and groom's family they transfered the amount to groom's A/c before marriage. But this was the gift given by my FIL into my A/c before marriage and Now in FIR my FIL says it was transfered as per demand. i am thinking during trail cross :- Wife- My Father gave dowry as per demand made from groom. And my father was helpless. Judge to Husband- have you asked for dowry? Husband- i never asked nor demand. This amount was transfered by FIL with his own wish as a GIFT. Cross question by Advocate: have you taken money : Yes or NO etc etc Post trial please suggest what would be the conclusion. Please suggest what should i do. Few advocates are suggestinh to FIle sec 9 Restitution of conjugal rights. Few sugesting to file Divorce. Please suggest.