307, 498A and 125 Cr Pc

While on holidays in India from overseas, My wife filled false 307, 498A, etc. FIR in India with the influence of his father, a government officer, against me and my family. We got arrested without any investigation and later got bail from session court in few days. Then my wife filled for 125Cr and gone back to overseas with minor child without my consent and knowledge and started living in same house we used to live overseas. She refused to handover my personal belongings to my friend overseas. Now my passport is submitted in court as per my bail condition so I cannot fly back and also my family in distress due to this incident. Police has not filled Charge sheet after 100 days of FIR. Police has no evidence for 307 and 498A as there is not medical certificate from hospital for 307 submitted by police in court (They mention it is pending even after 40 days of the complain) or any tangible evidence for 498A. I and my minor child are foreign national and my wife is indian national. What will happen to 307, 498A case and 125Cr case hearing if my wife will not return from overseas with my child? What can I do to get custody of my child in India once my child arrived in India in future? Kind regards