Occupied the land of another survey no. people

Sir my land is in survey no.88 and other land or opposition survey no.87 beside my land and they occupied 75% of my land and ready to occupy the 25% land before this i had approached advocate and he had filed a civil case in 2010 before construction of house by the otherside party and court has given temporary injunction order in my favour and after this also they started construction and my advocate appealed the court several times but no use and he had given a notice to municipal office that not to issue house no. and permission but still they managed the notice and taken house no. and permission and we had no evidence regarding the postage of legal notice recieved by them.But in 2016 only 25% land of total is open and in the court they are giving long dates.we are unable to do any thing and we had applied AD survey for twice from three years and they are not coming but we had an evidence survey by revenue RI in our favour it has came and by seeing survey no.any one can explain land that belongs to us because nala or drainage will be the land mark for us.finally what we had to do for the open land and constructed land and the status in the court is only issues and some other are not giving answers till now.