Family of the girl I love are pressurizing her to marry.

Hello respected lawyers, I am from Kolkata and for the time being I will like to keep my identity and that of my girlfriend's identity anonymous. I love a girl who is Telugu and lives in Telangana. Both of us have consent in our relationship and we want to marry. The girl is pursuing her MA and wants to complete her higher education and then marry me. However, her family is forcing her to get married to a guy of their choice. They are actually looking for a proper groom. The girl's family is against our relationship. Her brothers and mother are constantly threatening to put her on house arrest and stop her education if necessary and marry her off as soon as possible. She also undergoes emotional abuse at home. Her family is not supportive at all. The girl did contact an NGO who will be talking to her parents soon. However, the likelihood of that conversation falling on deaf ears is extremely high. The girl's family may simply force her into marrying immediately. She also wants to move out of her house but doesn't know what exactly she should be doing as she is financially dependent on her family. I did offer to extend financial help but the major problem is that of walking out of her house. She is afraid that her family will stop her from moving out and will put her on house arrest. What steps can she take? Since her family is not accepting our relationship, the chances of me moving into the scene and trying to help her at her home town are slim to none. She is afraid that her family may harm me physically. Kindly advice on the legal course we can take. Is there anything I can do from here or she has to take all actions from her own city?