Dear Sir / Madam Myself Syed Mohammad Fakhruzzama, permanent resident Dist- Mau, Uttar Pradesh (India). i have got married in June 2003 with Seema Jahan (Kahkasha Parveen). Base condition of marriage was she need to come to our home and stayed with my parent who were so old (Plus 75 Years and Plus 68 Years). But after marriage she and her family start making stories that after one month or her mother is sick or after the this education year ( this point is to be noted that she was a privet teacher in a school). any how these stories were going and we pass our marriage for years and got 2 children (meanwhile she use to come to my home just for few days during holidays). in 2010, finally she said that she will not come to my home and i can do what ever i want to do (as i threaten her that if she will not come then i will remarry and bring my second wife to my home). in 2012, when i was in Mumbai for a job, she put cases on me and my mother (one for Dawry and one for maintenance). after 2010, we never meet and there is no any other communication other then court issues (she changed her phone number and her family is not ready to provide me any contact even i tried from many sources). i cant go to meet personally becasue of two reasons 1. i am busy in jobs and i dont have time to stay at home for long and try to meet her (becasue i have to earn for my parent and for her monthly maintenance which i am paying by court) (as she is a government teacher and able to maintain her and i have submitted her service records in court but Honorable court is running by own speed and i cant say on it anything). 2. Her family and relatives are strong and bit criminals so this is also not possible for me to go and try to meet personally to her. As i am feeling that there is no way to finish this matter and i am not hopeful for our marriage life, i want to divorce her. My question is Can i publish a note in news pepper to send her a message about my decision? Is there any procedure for this kind of publication? Can i put a case for my children custody (Girl is 12 years old and Boy is 6 Years old.)? Please help me thanks