Non payment of final dues and salary

I am Civil Engineer have worked as General Manager (Highways) with company called HN Business Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd., New Delhi from 21st March 2016 to 8th August 2016. The company owner did not want to give the salary timely and used to be delays in disbursing the salary.It was affecting me badly. At last I decided to resign from the company on 12th July 2016 with notice period upto 8th August 2016 and completed and submitted the projects in hand to NH PWD Nagaland and MORTH. During this period I have worked sincerely and kept the Management informed on daily basis by email/phone since management used to based mostly in Nagaland. I even told management to call me on 13 August in case some information is required from me. Company had no objection from me upto 8 August 2106. After I left, the company did not settle my outstanding dues/salaries( Salary of month of July & upto 8th August 2016) and not responding to my phone calls and emails. I humbly request you to get me my hard earned salary asap.