Employment agreement combined with Joint Venture?

Hi, I have a job offer in which the employer is offering a fixed salary plus percentage of sales. I want the employer to keep paying me the sales percentage part for 10 years even if I leave the employment. To this he suggested that we do a joint venture agreement in addition to the employment agreement. Now, my questions are - 1. Is it possible to do a joint venture with my employer for the same project that the employment is for? 2. The employer has entities setup in various countries, I'm based in India (with no visas etc to easily go to those other countries). How do I track that he has sold the product or acquired new clients etc in some other country? If he doesn't tell me himself then I don't really have any way to know. I'm not involved in sales, so if he stops paying the sales percentage and tells me that it is because there are no sales, I will have no way of proving or disproving it. 3. Since I'm based only in India, should I do the joint venture with employer's Indian entity? If I were to do this with the Indian entity and he declares bankruptcy etc but keeps selling the product via his other entities in other countries, I'll again be none the wiser.. Thank you 4. What other considerations should I have for this scenario?