How to proceed step by step

I got married with my husband 6 years ago ,we both were working ,and marriage was arrange marriage along with dowry and all rituals, after second day of my marriage my husband and his family started torturing me mentally , instead of travelling from Gurgaon to delhi, paying rent and doing household work , while he use to do work from home and i got pregnant also ,he use to beat me badly by raising issues like bartan saaf nahi, or at 2 "o" clock in night use to wake up me and after having relation satrted beating me, because of all this my work hampered alot , itook leave and after birth of my my child he left to his parents place so i was forced to resign, even after that i got pregnant 2 times and because of his cruelty miscarriage occur and ,he made my life hell, created all circumstances where i cant work and everytime harash me ,and if i react beats me badly, even i get ill he does not bother to take me doctor. now pls tell me how to move step by step , as i have a daughter, and cant work under this circumstances.