Please Help me

My wife works in delhi police as constable. Her father is also working in delhi police as head constable. Her grand father was also in delhi police and his brother got retired as ACP. I got married in 2015 and just after some days my wife, her father, her mother, her brother started misbehaving with me and her brother once beated me in my own house. My wife dont want to live with me. We do have a child and unfortunately she also took him away from me just by misusing law. She lodged false complaints against me in police station and she is also having a habbit of calling 100 number on several occasions just to blackmail us. I really dont know wether she is having affair with anybody else or not. She blamed me regarding various things. I told her if she is not comfortable with me she can give me divorce but she says "I will not leave you". Her family and she herself is having a lot of interest in my property too. I am finding myself in serious trouble. She along with her family are doing my exploitation of me and my family too. Although i do have a child..but really I want to have divorce from her. She and her family are not good people. This is harrasment. I request readers..Please help me!