I want Divorce from my wife

HI, I am Sandeep from Kanpur, i got married in the year 2009, also have one kid of eight years.Every time when there was a family argument my wife told only one sentence with me that leave me from our married life.As she is not happy with me because i am unable to fulfill all her dreams.I am having a limited income of just Rs.24000/- per month in that i am taking of five members in my family (Father, Mother, Wife, Son and me), in that salary i also pay the rent, fooding, electricity, study etc.After all the expenses not a single rupee is left in my pocket. Due to this my wife told me that i didn't do anything for her. Now they don't have any relation with me and my family, but still she lives with me. Every time she told me that i return all the money which his father given in the marriage, then she will be back to her mother's home, but the problem is that the amount is very big for me and i need time to collect that much amount. Please suggest me what can i do because i am really facing lots of problem, also getting into dipression.