Mental Harassment by husband and his family

Its 2 years since m married and I have a baby boy 10 months old. My husband have 3 elder sisters, all married and a younger brother. My father gave 7 lakhsas, 5 tolas gold to him and 10 tolas to me as dowry and 50000 to each of his sister's. At the time of marriage just before a day, they demanded many other items when my brother visited their home. Everything they wanted 3 in number for his 3 sisters. My father decided to stop the marriage but as everything was done just before a day of marriage my mom requested not to do so. After marriage they demanded for another 1lakh which we cudnt pay instantly. They also created drama for sm silver which my parents gave them for his sisters. For the first time when my parents visited us in Delhi, as per his mom's instructions he asked for groceries and dint talk to them. Dint bother even to talk to them. They left our house 1 day before their actual planned date n spent a whole day at railway station. My husband bled me and my parents for everything. I left to Malaysia after a few months with my husband. My baby was born. N till now my husband keeps blaming my parents for not respecting him as son in law. My mil insults my parents and talks badly abt me to her relatives. They dint do any formal function for my baby. Namkaran n feeding ceremony were done at my home. After bearing all expenses my dad bought a gold bond for my son. N for this also my in law asked me how many kgs did ur dad give to the baby. I have Registered for PhD before my marriage n my husband and in laws asked my father to get it done providing monetary and other support required. After heated arguments it ended up. They dint support me even after I got a scholarship for pursuing my phd. Today m a mere housewife. They insist me to talk to his sister's though his sister's nor my father in law or mil ever called me in the past two years. Now m with my parents in Bangalore since 10 days to get my son's head tonsure done which was again left on my parents. Again they forced me to talk n visit his sister who is in Bangalore. On the other hand her sisters husbands don't have good relationship with them. N they always beg them to continue well with their daughter's. Same thing expecting from my parents also. As I denied my father in law scolded me n my parents on phone. N my husband dint contact me since m here. Not even responding to my calls. I called n spoke to his sister's after all this but no response. Father in law told if you want to come u cm or stay there. My husbands version is stay there with parents n he will not come for my baby's 1st bday which was supposed to be celebrated by them at warangal. My mil still keeps telling me that she would have got a better n rich daughter in law but m fateful enough to get their family as her son liked me. None of them are bothered abt my son. Even after I informed them that he's suffering from 102 fever since m in Bangalore, no response. He is never been cared really by them except sm sweet words for him. They just want to mint money in all ways possible. Now I want to tell them that they can't get rid of me so simply. I want to file a case against the entire family. N further live happily with my husband if he fears or atleast understand everything. If no such thing happens I have to take care of my son n myself. I dont want to be a burden on my father and brother as well so don't want to take their support. But they will always be with me. Please suggest what can be done.