Divorce without any Alimony

I got married on Jan 2016.My wife’s parents started giving me trouble after two months of my marriage questioning about my GENDER all the time. I & my wife were living together in my home, only for two months. Thereafter she was staying in her parent’s house, at times she used to visit rarely to my home. I was forced to take Medical Test & respective scans on Gender basis. Test that I have undergone are (Harmone Test, Glucose-F, Urea, Creatinine, Total Leucocyte count(TC), Neutrophils, Eosinophils, Monocytes, Basophils, Haemoglobin(HB)) and “PENILE DOPPLER” Scan for checking the blood circulation. Reports say I am perfectly OK & it was at my favour (Reports attached for reference) even after this my In-Laws have not stopped putting blame on this. I really felt ashamed & was at very high depression state of their cheap behaviour. On 17.05.16 my wife & my In-Laws her elder brother and her uncle’s family came to my home for creating further problem. At one point, my wife & her aunt went to my room, locked the door & taken all of my wife jewels and locked the Bero and also they have taken the Bero keys with her. All my basic essentials cloths are in that locked Bero only. I have been using my brother’s cloths for office from this day to till date. They don’t have courtesy to give back the keys for taking my cloths out. And my In-Laws going to all nearby houses & my closest relatives telling bad about me & my family. After this incident, next moment on the same day they have lodged a False Complaint on me & towards my family in nearby Women Police station seeking back all her things given on our marriage, and my wife literally saying she needs a divorce from me & my In-Laws in Police station saying that they have spent somewhere around 15 Lakhs for our marriage. Also they have claimed in Police station that we didn’t allowed them inside our home on 17.05.16, if that was true then how come my wife & her aunt went inside home taking back her Jewels & Cloths. Further adding to it they have given false complaint that I have some issues on Gender & they are telling that I have told to my wife openly about this After that she has filled a false allegation on me on Domestic Violence act & claiming 15 Lakhs as compensation. Regarding Gender she is speaking false, as I am ready to face medical test through court & also given false domestic complaint on me. Their main intention is money. Should I need to file RCR or ground for divorce on putting false allegation on me.