Full n Final Settlement

Last year I was working with one company in Manesar( Gurgaon) in their Sales division my junior has taken order of Rs 50 K from dealer to whom company has supplied the material, Cheque given by dealer was bounced and also not ready to do the payment. Company has removed me from services by giving one month notice which I have completed . Till date company has not done my Full and Final settlement of approx 90 k ( including salary, TA Bill, Leave encashment and Bonus) due to not receiving of payment from that party . i have filled one complain against my previous employer in ALC office in Gurgaon, Labour Inspector given him so many date but Company not buzz from their decision to do my settlement unless receive the payment from that party. Labour Inspector finally closed my case and advise me to file claim in labour court. Pls advise me the procedure for filling claim in Labour court and how much claim I can ask from the company. I have to hire any advocate or my self file claim in Labour court and how much time it wil take in coming the judgement. What will be approx legal expenses if I take services of any Advocate.