Reuniting with Husband - how?

Hi, My Husband abandoned me after my daughters birth. Now we are living separately. No communication also. Our marriage happened in 2009. My Daughter born in 2013. Till 2013 we were living together in Singapore. When I came to India for delivery from that time onwards problem started. Always had quarrels over the phone. After baby born he totally stopped talking to me. If I were in India he will be in Singapore & if I come to Singapore he will go to India( He is in IT field so do the job online). No money was given to me to take care of my kid so I started working in Singapore. Almost for last 1 year don't knw the whereabouts of him also. Really don't know what is the reason behind all these. But I very much sure he is doing all this with the great support as well as with a great initiative by his Sister. I really loved him a lot. My family also don't want to go to the police . But I am totally in the confused state now. Don't know what to do next? I don't want to go for divorce also. In my mind i really want to know why he is do this? Now we came to know that he is in india. I want to what can be done at this point?