Harassment by daughter in law

Dear Sir/Madam, My father is about 90 year old and facing old age ailments. The only care taker of my father is my elder brother who has taken him to his house. Since my mother expired so my brother took him to his house at Gurgaon in Haryana. I am doing service in Punjab. The house where he is residing is our joint property. There are family deputes between my brother and his wife. In 2007, she filed fake cases u/s 498 A and domestic violence u/s 12 against my brother and my father. The courts/high court have closed all the cases. My brother is paying monthly maintenance charges to her wife and also allowing her peaceful stay in the shared house as per court's order but she want to grab the whole property. She knowingly start quarreling with my old father and brother and she is taking benefit of being woman. With the influence of her brother(advocate) and other relatives she calls of local police who in turn take her side and harass my old father and brother in one or other way. We have lodged many complaints against police officials but all in vain. Some times she physically abuse my old father. We have also lodged complaints at the senior citizen help line but no fruitful action has been taken. She knows very well that property is joint but she is doing each and every effort to throw out my father and brother too. Please suggest to whom we should approach for faithful justice. I am surprised that local police is not enforcing the court orders in proper way.