OBC certificate validity and income issue

Both my parents are farmer (or labour more specifically) as the land they work on still belongs to my great-grandfather. We've no property or business. So obviously, I belong to an non-creamy OBC caste and got a certificate issued from Tehsil in Rajasthan state. I applied for a central recruitment examination and hence used OBC as category with a valid certificate. Now, issue is, along with fighting exam, I want to start a small online business/website of my own. I'm hopeful that it'll earn me little bit income. But to receive payments online, I need to register a company so as to setup website, payment gateway, current account in bank etc. Now, I've few doubts in mind? - How does having a company in my name, effects my non-creamy edibility? - What If I make lots of income in this financial year? Say 10 or 20 lakh? - What If I buy something for my parents? i.e. a car or some property? How any of above effects my certificate eligibility? I don't want to cheat or do fraud but I've already applied under OBC non-creamy-layer for few central/state govt exams, so I need to asure that by earning or having a company run in my name, I don't do something illegal? I checked with the exam details and they don't allow you to change your category, only they'll verify my OBC-NC claim after I get selected. So how does that effect my candidature in any exam or service? Please help