Should we get bail and keep for safety.

Hello All, I got married 6 years before(Muslim marriage), My wife was living with me in Bangalore since I was working in Bangalore. Her parent also had business in Bangalore and living in bang lore , so they where helping taking care of the children(2 children - 1 boy and 1 girl). My parent are in pollachi (120 km form my native) I was asking for gold that she has got as gift from their parents and what I have saved from my earnings. She said it is safe with my parent. I said ok fine. One day her bother and uncle came to my house and talked to me shouted harshly and bet me saying that you told in phone “ she get you married to some other girl”. My wife was not supporting me nor not stopping them. so I have no other go I just vacated my house and kept her in my native when she came to my native. She did not like stay with my mom, she went to her mother house with out my knowledge. After six months, I call for jamath. They adviced to stay together in native and I was going Bangalore for work. My parent will come to native every 15 days once. I asked for gold that I have saved. After 3 months we both had qural and she told “I will go and get married to a person who my brother is seen”. So I was not taking to my wife for 3 days and I left native with my parent to go for work. Mean while she called her parent and left my house. Then they went to women police station saying “dowery and harasment”. Police tried to compromise, saying that stay with you wife in Bangalore but I did not agree. I felt insecure because I still suspect that she way the cause for them to come and beat me in banglore. I went to social welfare (karur near where we lived for 3 months)in my native. They tried to compromising each other saying stay in Bangalore. But I was not ready to keep her in bangalore. She is saying she want to live with me. Now they went to Social welfare (salem 150km from my native- their native). And failed complaint saying “dowery and harasment”. Now she is saying “she is ready to live with me in Bangalore or some other place not in native”. I am feeling unsecured if I keep her any where else than native. Now she is there with her parent for 2 months . She want to file was against my parent and not me. Should we get bail and keep for safety.