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Post Marriage 23/03/2016 1. I got married on 23rd March 2016 and was taken to his friend’s house in Bangalore to start family on 4th April 2016. My husband has told me below things. 2. He had run a fake certificates company along with his friend 2 years back and was closed due to police raids. 3. He ran the company in Shahin apartments which is 500 mtrs in distance from our residence and showed me that apartment also. 4. He showed me the printing press where he used to get the stamps and stamps pads done. 5. He also told me that he had the hold of the HRs in many companies in which he could place the candidates and he asked me to send him testing profile to him whom he can place in few companies with fake experience. 6. I found a bunch of stamp pads in his friend’s house when we both were staying there and when I asked him, he said it was none of my concern. 7. He also told me he along with friend recruited a guy called “Venkat” who was the face of the company and he got caught during the raids in Oct 2014 and my husband and his friend were on run and hiding in hotels and other location for 20 to 25 days. 8. He also told me that all the physical assets are on his friend’s name and cash transactions are on his name that they earn from the consultancy. My husband holds an ICICI account,a HDFC bank account and a SBI account. 9. When he is home and when he gets calls, he goes down or talks in balcony locking the main door and al his conversation is mainly about the money, bank transaction. 10. There are few incidents he slapped me or hit the things with his legs when I asked about his consultancy. He also told that he and his friend pay some money every month to a guy as he lost his career due to police cases. 11. He left his job on 7th June saying he has offers from Wells Forgo and HCL and wants to join them and also he wanted to learn few other courses. 12. I changed my job to other company meanwhile and I had to travel to white fields from Wilson Garden which used to take long time. 13. Meanwhile he kept asking me to get money from home as my father will get retired and he wanted to do some cabs business. 14. One day he was getting lots of calls and he seems to be tensed and asked me to pick up one call and told the caller that “My husband is not home, pl call after sometime”. I said that and asked him what happened. Then he said a girl has committed suicide as her background verification in her company was proven false and she took the experience letter from his company. He also told that he doesn’t have hold in that company so he couldn’t manage. Her brothers was calling him and threaten him for the police complaint and he said that the girl will only be punished in case of any complaint as she applied with the fake certificate and he will be safe. I got more tensed. 15. There are no much issues in our lives till 29th June 2016 when I came to my home town for my father’s retirement function. Though he was not working he didn’t come for the function. 16. He came to my home town on 2nd July 2016 and we both went to book our tickets back to Bangalore for 3rd night from Nellore. 17. We both went to his home town and we both were supposed to leave to Bangalore on 3rd July night and on the same day evening, my husband and his mom went to some where leaving me in home and then he told “ we are not going to Bangalore and you will be in Gudur as ashadam is starting from 4th July”. I wonder when my husband’s grand mother is already in his home, where and why they both went to check about the ashadam and its traditions? 04/07/2016 – Home, 18. Next day morning, his relative my husband and his mother have left me in home and put allegations on my character and blasted at me and my parents so badly and gave me a time of 45 days to become a “homely” girl. Their allegations were a) I shouldn’t work as working lady doesn’t have any character. b) I shouldn’t wear night dresses as it attracts other males. c) I should maintain more physical interaction with him as d) I shouldn’t speak on phones as I am maintaining extra marital relations with whom I speak. 19. This was a bigger shock as I never heard from my husband in Bangalore about those and never he told me anything about my behavior. 20. My parents kept asking me what is wrong in our relation that he left me like that and the language he used at my parents was totally filthy. I told them about his consultancy and other works. 21. My company has shown me in absconding list and I have not been working since then. 17/07/2016 – Home, Gudur 22. When we called him to speak, he didn’t turn up on 16th and he came on 17th and the entire conversation was recorded. 23. He also told that his maternal uncle whom we never heard about has all the proofs against me and he and his parents have earlier told us that “ all her brothers are equal to dead fellows and they don’t have any relation with each others for last 15 to 20 years so no one has come for the marriage”. We wonder how such uncle can have the proofs against me. 24. He then concluded the meeting to meet again by end of July with the proofs to which he and his parents never responded so we filed the complaint in Woman Police Station on 10th August 2016. 11/08/2016 – WPS, Nellore 25. The Station Incharge has told both of our families to meet again before 26th August and 26th august was given as the counseling date. 26. He said he will come on 25th August to speak but he didn’t come. 27. Even then he never turned up and neither responds to calls to speak. 29/08/2016 – WPS, Nellore 28. FIR was filed. 30/08/2016 – DSP Office, Nellore 29. Counseling was held for both of us by DSP sir and my husband said he will talk to us in 15 days about what to do with me, post that there was no information from him. 30. My husband kept speaking about my character in woman police station and said I spoke to someone for 40 times a day and sent him lots of messages and showed a photo from my facebook account alleging that I have physical relationship with a guy who holds that baby, so I intentionally cropped that photo. I have attached the baby photo in the mail. 31. When I told my problem, My sister has checked his details and found the below details. • Companies under his name and are not functional (to which he denied that he never holds any companies) • She recorded the entire conversation at home on 17th July in which he confessed the death of an employee, paying money to “Venkat” and the police raids. 32. Now he is trying to leave me as we got to know about his companies and its details. 33. It is really not accepted that he can put my life on stake to cover all his mistakes, every one in his home know about his fake certificates business and no one told us before marriage. Now he is putting such filthy allegations on me just to cover up his past. 34. Those who came in our marriage have not turned up to police station from his side and every time he gets a new person from his relatives on screen to blame my character who have not come to marriage. Kindly advise me what i shall do in this regard. He never speaks truth is the major problem. Also pl let me knw if my sister (not a lawyer by profession) can fight in court on my behalf. She also has sufferred bcos of my family problems. Also till the time his fake certificates is not properly investigated, the family issues r never sorted out.